Hong Kong-based
High-end Jewellery Brand

The prime quality.

Pure gold, clear-cut gemstones and hokkia
stone – carefully crafted by Headragon.

The precious stones.

All are made from refined precious stones.
We hand pick only the best pieces.


The legend was unveiled by the birth of Peter Sheung, the late father of Pinky Seung, founder and designer of Hong Kong-based high-end jewellery brand Headragon.


Peter opened his first shop in the Royal Navy Base in Admiralty and later expanded with branches in Kowloon Tong , Shek Kong and Wan Chai, engaged in the making and sales of conventional Victorian jewellery.


It's important to have pieces of Jewellery that are timeless
and look chic despite ever-changing fashions.

Piero Milano


Piero Milano founded the company that bears his name in 1953 in the Monferrato region, the heart of the historical goldsmith and diamond district of Italy.


His passion and dedication helped build a solid business that the following generation enhanced by expanding and creating original collections of fine jewelry, synonymous of luxury and excellence.

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