Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, you always want to stay with your beloved pets. Wearing one or more pieces of jewelry with your pet’s image on your neck, fingers, wrists or ears will enable you to bring them all along with you wherever you go. All you need to do is sending Headragon the favourite photo of your pet, which could be the whole of it, its face or its paw, and we shall then convert that into a “wearable pet”.

Bored by the mass manufactured collars in ordinary pet shops and want something unique for your very special one? Custom making a bling collar for your pet or adding a pendant with its own image to its collar will make your pet standout from its peers. Don’t forget to carve on the collar its name, birthday and your contact information, just in case if it loses the way.

Animal lovers can also simply pick from Headragon’s cutie animal jewelry series featuring parrot, fox, leopard, various kinds of birds, phoenix and others. Failing to find your desired animal from the collection? Talk to Headragon so that we can make one for you.